“Va. 5th District vote count continues in closer-than-expected contest”


One rare area of agreement among observers chewing over the race: Almost everyone expects allies of 2020 election-deniers Good and McGuire to watch the counting and recounting like hawks.

“It’s not lost on us that these are two candidates who were highly critical of the administration of the 2020 election who are now locked in a much tighter overtime situation,” Wasserman said. “It could turn into a ‘Stop the Steal’ situation where Democrats are sitting back with popcorn, even if they don’t have a chance of winning this district.”

Bannon was already raising alarms in an interview with The Post on Wednesday.

“People have to be all over every one of these ballots, and we have to make sure chain of custody [is observed],” he said.

Those predictions were playing out Wednesday, with both campaigns dispatching observers to local elections offices around the district that were beginning the canvass process.

Unofficial figures so far indicate a margin of victory well within the threshold required to request a recount and just inside of what’s required for the state to cover the cost.

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