Review of My Book and Karlan on Structuralism

Henry Flores reviews my book, The Supreme Court and Election Law, at this link for the Law and Politics Book Review.
I won’t comment on the merit of the review, other than to note that it incorrectly states that in chapter 5 of the book I criticize “Professor Paula [sic] Karlan” for her structuralist views. In that chapter, I do note that Pam Karlan has characterized Shaw v. Reno and Bush v. Gore as cases where the Supreme Court focused more on the structure and function of the political process than on traditional notions of individual or group equality. But Pam hardly endorses this development. (Pam was also incorrectly attacked as a structuralist by Larry Tribe in his Harvard Law Review article on Bush v. Gore.) Most of my criticism in Chapter 5 is of the structuralist work of Pam’s casebook co-authors, Sam Issacharoff and Rick Pildes.

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