“Democracy at a Crossroads: A Q&A About Free and Fair Elections With EAC Chairman Benjamin Hovland”

Over at CAP:

CAP: Regrettably, even though it has been three years since we last discussed the fact that some political leaders peddled falsehoods about widespread election fraud and other matters designed to reduce faith in elections, this lamentable trend continues. Moreover, we are seeing increased threats of political violence—often aimed at election administrators or workers. What are your latest thoughts on these harmful dynamics and the challenges they pose to our system of free and fair elections? And how have election administrators and workers tried to rise above unnecessary partisanship and carry out their democracy duties, despite constant threats? 

Hovland: In the last several election cycles, there have been unprecedented levels of mis- and disinformation, from both foreign and domestic sources, about the integrity of U.S. elections and election results. These false narratives have led to threats and harassment against election administrators themselves, which is unacceptable. Since the 2020 elections, we have heard distressing stories about the threats and harassment election officials have faced with the increased politicization of election administration. These incidents have affected the individuals involved and the entire elections community, from volunteer poll workers to full-time elected officials.

While this has undoubtedly and understandably contributed to some of the election administrator turnover, I am continually amazed by the public servants who run our elections. Traveling around the country, I’m able to see the similarities and differences in how each state runs its elections. Across the country, the public servants who run our elections are focused on good governance and customer service. They have somehow renewed their already herculean efforts regarding administration of election processes, trainings, and contingency planning to ensure the smooth running of elections, as well as making sure transparency and accountability measures are in place so they can show their work if there are questions about the integrity of the election process or results.

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