Ranked-choice roundup

David Daley on ranked-choice voting and the spoiler effect.

Pluribus News looks at the states looking toward ranked-choice and the states turning away – and the municipalities using ranked-choice that may be raising the prominence of both conversations. (UPDATE: Fox News also joins the chat.)

Steven Hill on who likes and who doesn’t like the Alaska version of RCV.

And an interesting new paper on ranked choice voting and turnout:

Many jurisdictions in the United States have recently adopted single-winner ranked choice voting (RCV) to replace first-past-the-post plurality elections. This study contributes to the literature examining the potential consequences of changing to RCV by modeling the relationship between electoral systems and voter turnout. We propose that RCV may increase turnout by incentivizing increased contacts with voters. Previous attempts at assessing the relationship between RCV and turnout in the US have been limited by a lack of individual-level turnout data measured across all cases where RCV is and is not used. The study utilizes large, unique data from administrative voter turnout records that overcomes this limitation. We find significant and substantially higher probabilities of turnout in places that use RCV, and find evidence that campaigns in RCV places have greater incidences of direct voter contacting than in similar places that do not use RCV.

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