Jim Bopp to Be Booted Again in Supreme Court Election Case?

Jim Bopp has been the attorney in the RNC v. FEC litigation. But NBC now reports that “if the RNC loses [before the three judge court], it will ask Olson to represent them in a Supreme Court challenge.”
Jim is not a friend of mine; indeed we are on the opposite sides of the San Diego/Thalheimer case right now. But here what I wrote when Bopp was replaced by Olson in the Citizens United case: “The Citizens United case was Bopp’s brain child, one of the suits he devised to push the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence in a further deregulatory direction. This is a curious choice for Citizens United. In any case, I wonder if the RNC will consider a similar move when that case moves up the food chain…Bopp and I are usually on opposite sides of cases. But before the Roberts Court I don’t see how deregulationists can do better than to be represented by Bopp.”

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