“Elections Brain Drain”

The [North] Carolina Public Press has a really important three-part series on funding for election official positions. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

And there’s a timely related story from [South] Carolina as well.

Turns out that low pay makes it harder to retain talent, which is a lesson that stretches well beyond the Carolinas.

If we treated election infrastructure like infrastructure, that’d include human resources too. 

Instead, we’re heading the other direction.  The President’s FY 2025 budget includes $ 5 billion in election security grants, $ 96 million in election innovation grants, and $ 38 million to keep the lights on at the EAC.  The markup from the relevant House subcommittee ignores the first two categories entirely and cuts the EAC appropriation in half. 

The full House Appropriations committee markup is Thursday.  The chairman has requested that “Members be prompt,” and I’m also hoping that Members be mindful that the system that put them in their chairs needs basic maintenance to keep working.

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