“Trump’s mail-in ballot reversal: As he backs it, GOP lawyers are still fighting against it”

This USA Today piece highlights Republican efforts to tighten mail vote practices. 

I’m quoted in the piece explaining a dynamic that I think extends well beyond mail-in voting.  Most restrictions on voting practices – and particularly restrictions that may seem counterintuitive to eligible voters unfamiliar with the process, like failing to count mail ballots that are cast on Election Day but arrive in the mail afterward – are more likely to affect infrequent voters than regular voters.  

I suspect that many policymakers and some litigants may be making knee-jerk assumptions about who infrequent voters are more likely to support.  I don’t know if conventional wisdom about infrequent voters’ preferences ever truly reflected those preferences.  But I know that former President Trump has been particularly credited with reshaping the modern Republican party by energizing infrequent voters.  And so I suspect that unnecessary restrictions on voting practices may well have a notable impact on infrequently-voting Trump supporters this cycle.

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