“Don’t Blame Me for Biden’s Ballot Problem”

Ohio SOS Frank LaRose in the WSJ.

In Ohio we say that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. The same can be said lately of our politics.

The Democratic Party’s antics after its failure to get Joe Biden on the ballot in Ohio are both entertaining and hypocritical. Since 2020 the political left has decried perceived attempts to manipulate laws governing elections as threats to democracy. If you dared to question the electoral process—or worse, hired a lawyer to challenge it—you’d be politically persecuted as a traitor. You might even flip through talking heads on news channels declaring you constitutionally ineligible to appear on a ballot ever again.

But that was yesterday’s script, when the frenzy over election manipulation was the left’s favorite cause. Today’s threat to democracy is apparently me. As Ohio’s chief elections officer, I refuse to bend the rules to benefit a candidate. Critics allege that my decision to uphold the law will deprive Ohio voters of the opportunity to choose their president. Never mind that I didn’t create this problem, nor do I wish for that outcome.

I miss the old Frank LaRose.

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