“GOP to court: Let Arizona block voting for president without citizenship proof”


Republicans want a federal judge to let thestate block those who do not provide proof of citizenshipfrom voting in this year’s presidential election.

In new legal filings Friday, House Speaker Ben Toma, SenatePresident Warren Petersen and the Republican NationalCommittee told Judge Susan Bolton they want to appeal her ruling that Arizonans who use a federal voter registration form are entitled to cast a ballot in presidential elections. Bolton voided parts of a 2022 law that says only those who provide“satisfactory evidence of citizenship’’ can vote in those elections.

Bolton’s order remains in place while the Republicans seekreview by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. And that means the35,273 Arizonans who used that form to register are eligible tocast ballots in November’s rerun of the 2020 election betweenJoe Biden and Donald Trump….

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