“Trump-endorsed senate candidate claims nursing home residents shouldn’t be able to vote”

The Independent:

Wisconsin senate candidate, who has been endorsed by 77-year-old Donald Trump, has suggested that nursing home residents are too old to vote, new audio has revealed.

Republican Eric Hovde, 60, recently appeared on the conservative Guy Benson Show, where he was asked where he stood on Mr Trump’s ongoing conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

“I’m not going to spend my time talking about 2020,” said Mr Hovde, in audio obtained by the Heartland Signal.

“Do I believe the election was stolen? No, but did things happen in that election that were very troublesome? Absolutely, and I can point them out right here in Wisconsin. We had Zuckerbucks come into Democratic cities to push out — working with cities to push out Democratic votes.”

“Zuckerbucks” is a derogatory term used by Republican activists to refer to money that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg donated to local elections departments ahead of the 2020 election. Mr Zuckerberg reportedly gave $419m to two nonprofit organisations in 2020 that distributed grants to roughly 2,500 election departments which faced funding shortages after the Covid-19 pandemic.

But, as well as using the derogatory phrase, Mr Hovde also took issue with the supposed number of nursing residents who voted in the 2020 election – suggesting that they are too close to death to vote.

“We had nursing homes, where the sheriff of Racine investigated, where you had 100 per cent voting in nursing homes. Well, if you’re in a nursing home, you only have a five, six-month life expectancy,” he said.

“Almost nobody in a nursing home is in a point to vote.”…

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