“Wisconsin voters OK amendments aimed at private election grants after ‘Zuckerbucks’ scrutiny”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Wisconsin voters on Tuesday approved two referendums that change the state Constitution to prohibit clerks from using private grants to administer elections and add that only appointed election officials can perform tasks to conduct elections.

With over 99% of the vote reported by Wednesday morning, 54.4% of voters approved the first question and 58.6% had approved the second. A majority of Wisconsin voters must vote in favor of a constitutional amendment in order for it to go into effect.

Because a majority of voters selected “yes,” clerks will no longer be able to apply for, accept or use private donations and grants, and the state Constitution will include that only election officials designated by law can perform tasks to conduct elections.

An analysis from the Legislature’s nonpartisan attorneys found that state law already says only appointed election officials can conduct elections, but doesn’t say what activities count as conducting an election. Liberal groups that opposed the referendum worried the lack of clarity could lead to lawsuits….

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