“Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects move to reconsider state’s congressional maps”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday rejected a request to reconsider the state’s congressional maps ahead of the next election, ensuring the current district boundaries will remain in place for 2024.

The court’s decision ends a last-minute push from Democrats to change the state’s congressional maps after they successfully signed into law new legislative boundaries last month that weakened Republicans’ grip on the state Legislature.

“This motion comes as no surprise after the court’s new majority telegraphed its willingness to rebalance political power in the state of Wisconsin by overturning Johnson v. Wisconsin Elections Commission,” conservative Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote in the order, referencing the court’s previous decision on the maps.

“While the court rightfully denies this motion,” she added, “it likely won’t be long until the new majority flexes its political power again to advance a partisan agenda despite the damage inflicted on the independence and integrity of the court.”

Newly elected liberal Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz did not participate in a vote on the motion, writing Friday that she was not seated on the court when the underlying case was decided. Chief Justice Annette Ziegler joined Bradley in her concurring opinion rejecting the request to consider new maps.

You can find the order here (via Democracy Docket).

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