In Trump Immunity Case at SCOTUS, Alabama and 21 States Ask for Stay Because of “Speculation,” “True or Not” That Trump Election Subversion Prosecution “was Calculated to Silence or Imprison President Biden’s Political Rival”


The sudden urgency has invited public speculation that this case has an improper purpose—to influence the 2024 election. Amici States represent millions of Americans, many of whom worry that the timing of this prosecution was calculated to silence or to imprison President Biden’s political rival.

True or not, such fears are deeply corrosive. And by acquiescing in the rush to trial, the courts below have only amplified the perception of impropriety. Denying the stay would greenlight the prosecution to proceed at breakneck speed and to put the apparent frontrunner for the presidency on trial in the lead up to the election. Granting a stay would calm the fervor, reassure the public, and permit the normal and orderly review of these weighty issues. Properly understood, the public interest demands a stay.

The brief asks for the Supreme Court to impose a “semblance of normalcy.” Indeed.

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