SCOTUS, Social Media Removal of Hate is Not “Discrimination”

This is Orwellian.

Texas and Florida passed state laws that effectively hinder social media platforms in removing hate, white supremacy, election denialism, and similar content. The states are currently before the U.S. Supreme Court in the NetChoice cases attempting to defend those laws. As Daphne Keller explains:

Yet now, in their briefs, Texas and Florida are also arguing their laws prohibit discrimination, just as civil rights laws do. On that logic, ‘must-carry’ laws that may compel platforms to carry racist diatribes and hate speech are justified for the same reasons as laws that prohibit businesses from discriminating based on race or gender.

This should be obvious, but Facebook or YouTube deciding to remove a racial slur, Nazi propaganda, or white nationalist attempts to mainstream “replacement theory” is not the same as Woolworth’s deciding to remove African American college students sitting at a lunch counter and attempting to order food.

Daphne has more here.

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