“Auditors find no fraud in SC election process, but make some clean-up suggestions”

South Carolina Daily Gazette:

A review of South Carolina’s election process found no fraud that could have swayed results, but auditors do recommend cleaning up the voter rolls more often.

Findings include a few instances of ballots cast by voters who died days before an election — though, as auditors noted, it’s possible they voted absentee, then died — 10 voters in prison on Election Day, and a couple hundred people who voted while on probation or parole for a felony, according to a Legislative Audit Council report.

Those instances involved a tiny fraction of South Carolina’s 3.2 million registered voters. Auditors stress it’s unclear whether any crime occurred, as that would have to be determined by law enforcement.

The review of records from 2020 through 2023 found zero instances of a non-citizen voting in South Carolina.

“As far as fraud or anything that would affect the result of the election, we didn’t find anything. No one’s voting early and often, as they say,” audit manager Eric Douglass told SC Daily Gazette.

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