“Democratic law firm challenges Wisconsin’s congressional district lines in filing with state Supreme Court”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

A high-powered Democratic law firm is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to reconsider the state’s congressional map ahead of the 2024 election, arguing a redistricting decision last month calls into question the battleground state’s current district lines.

Elias Law Group, chaired by Marc Elias, who has led previous voting access lawsuits in Wisconsin and across the country, filed the motion to revisit Wisconsin’s congressional district lines on Tuesday. The group aims to have a new map in place for the 2024 election, though those plans likely face a tight deadline with under 11 months to go before the November election.

The filing, brought by Elias’ firm on behalf of a group of Wisconsin voters, leans on a state Supreme Court ruling last month ordering new legislative boundaries in which the high court said it would no longer favor maps that minimize changes to existing boundary lines. 

That decision effectively nullified a 2021 ruling from the then-conservative court that held that new state election maps needed to resemble those drawn in 2011, which cemented Republican control of the legislature and a majority of the state’s House seats. It was under that “least change” approach that the current congressional maps were drawn.

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