BREAKING: by 4-3 vote, New York high court orders new congressional maps, as Democrats requested

The decision in Matter of Hoffmann v New York State Independent Redistricting Commission is here. From the New York Times:

New York’s highest court ordered the state to redraw its congressional map on Tuesday, making a major pre-election intervention in the 2024 fight for the House that could allow Democrats to tilt a key battleground leftward.

Powered by a new liberal majority, the State Court of Appeals effectively wiped out the highly competitive map that helped Republicans flip four seats and win the House majority. It said the neutral lines, which it had imposed just last year, were meant only to be a temporary fix.

By a four-to-three vote, the court directed the state to restart a mapmaking process that would ultimately return control over the state’s 26 congressional districts to the Democratic-controlled State Legislature. The court had stripped away that power in 2022 after an attempted gerrymander.

Summary of the case from the New York Times last month is here.

More coverage: Washington Post.

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