Nevada Judge Rules Single Subject Violation Will Keep Abortion Rights Ballot Measure Off 2024 Ballot [Corrected Headline]

Nevada Independent:

A Carson City judge has struck down an effort from reproductive rights groups to place a question on the 2024 ballot that aimed to establish a state constitutional right to abortion.

District Court Judge James Russell ruled Tuesday that the proposed question — which would have guaranteed a right to “all matters relating to pregnancy,” including birth control, abortion care and prenatal care — violated Nevada law because it was too broad for a single ballot question. He also said the implications of the question were unclear and it would implicitly require a funding source.

“This is probably the clearest case I have seen that I think there is a violation of the single subject rule,” Russell said Tuesday, according to KOLO News. “I’ve seen a lot of them over the years and in respect to this particular matter, there are too many subjects. Not all of which are functionally related to each other.” 

The ballot measure is being spearheaded by the Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom PAC, which was founded this year and is affiliated with Planned Parenthood’s advocacy arm. The PAC plans to appeal Russell’s ruling to the Nevada Supreme Court, according to KOLO News.

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