Massachusetts: “Video allegedly shows woman stealing ballots from Lawrence mailbox”

NBC 10 Boston:

Officials are looking into allegations of possible voter fraud in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and NBC10 Boston has obtained video footage from a man’s home that appears to show a woman removing ballots from his mailbox.

The man, who did not want to be identified, said he went to vote in person on Election Day last week and was told, according to the list, he already voted.

So, he checked his camera footage and then contacted the police.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office and Secretary of State William Galvin are now looking into any allegations of potential voter fraud.

“We’re going to get all the ballots out of Lawrence, we’re going to get all the mail-in ballots and we’re going to review everything and all the provisionals and reconcile the list, and if further investigation contacting some of the people who allegedly voted by mail needs to be done, we will do it,” Galvin said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were two reports of potential voter fraud—or stolen ballots— in Lawrence.

“There may be more. It’s premature to say how many,” Galvin said.

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