“N.Y.’s congressional map must remain: The state’s top court should turned down a redistricting case”

Joe Burns NYDN oped:

More than a year ago, after extensive legal jousting, the state Court of Appeals invalidated New York’s congressional redistricting plan as drawn by the Democratic Legislature and signed by Gov. Hochul because it violated the state Constitution’s prohibition on partisan gerrymandering. After receiving input from elected officials, good government advocates and concerned citizens, a new redistricting plan was drawn up by a nonpolitical academic from Carnegie Mellon University and ordered to be used by a state Supreme Court justice.

This nonpartisan, nonpolitical map gave New York some of the fairest and most competitive congressional races in the country in 2022.

Unfortunately, the national Democratic groups behind New York’s original 2022 map — a map so hyperpartisan and gerrymandered that critics began calling it a “Hochulmander” — are trying to give the state Legislature another chance to redraw New York’s congressional district map. On Nov. 15, the Court of Appeals (the highest in the state) will hear oral arguments in this new case.

The court must reaffirm its 2022 gerrymandering decision, not allow the Albany political class to have this “do-over,” and end partisan gerrymandering in New York State once and for all….

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