““I Don’t Think They Care”: Virginia Is Slow-Walking the Fix to a Wrongful Voter Purge”

Bolts Magazine: While Virginia officials have admitted to improperly removing some people from voter rolls, they are taking their sweet time in fixing their mistake. This despite the fact that the next election is just THREE WEEKS away. The purge occurred after Virginia erroneously coded felons, whose voting rights had been restored , as having new felonies. Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s administration acknowledges the error, but appears to be taking the position that it is not significant because only about 270 voters were purged. Voting rights advocates in Virginia are less sanguine, saying “they don’t even know how many people the state has reinstated so far and how many remain improperly purged, since the state is sharing little information.”

By way of context, Governor Youngkin rescinded his predecessor’s policy of automatically restoring people’s voting rights when they leave prison, a decision that is currently the subject of litigation.

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