Automatic Voter Registration to PA?

Greg Sargent WaPo column:

Democrats won a whole lot of elections in 2022, in no small part on their vow to strengthen and defend democracy. But if they hope to turn the issue into a sustained political winner, they have to deliver on that promise by showing voters what a pro-democracy governing agenda actually looks like.

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro is set to make a big move in this direction by unveiling a big changeon Tuesday that willimplement what’s known as “automatic voter registration” statewide.

Automatic registration makes getting on the voter rolls something you have to opt out of, rather than actively sign upfor in advance. An underappreciated success story, it has been put into effectin two dozen states, mostly by Democrats. Ittypically works by automatically registering customers at state Department of Motor Vehicles offices (or other agencies) or by automatically extending them that option, while offering an opt-out alternative.

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