Sounds Like Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Gableman’s Testimony at John Eastman’s California Disbarment Trial Did Not Go Well

LA Times:

Cross-examining Gableman last week in Eastman’s trial, Duncan Carling, an attorney representing the California State Bar, asked Gableman if there had been any successful legal challenges to the CTCL grants.

“Not yet,” Gableman replied.

Was he aware of any court findings that the Center for Tech and Civic Life grants violated any Wisconsin law?

“Not yet,” Gableman repeated.

Did Gableman find proof that Wisconsin voting machines had been manipulated for purposes of fraud?

“If I had found it, I would have put it in my report,” he said.

Among his other claims, Gableman asserted that Wisconsin lacked safeguards to prevent noncitizens from voting. Did he find evidence that noncitizens had in fact voted, he was asked?

“It was impossible for us to conduct that investigation,” Gableman said, claiming his inquiry had been curtailed by politics.

In Wisconsin, controversy plagued Gableman’s partisan election review from start to finish. Contributing to its costs: about $260,000 spent on court-ordered legal fees in connection with lawsuits brought by a liberal watchdog group. At one point, Gableman refused to answer questions in a Wisconsin circuit court, and the judge held him in contempt for flouting the state’s open records law.

Gableman’s manner in Eastman‘s State Bar trial drew more than one reprimand from Judge Yvette Roland. Once, she warned him to avoid a “diatribe.” Another time, she said, “Don’t interrupt me, and don’t roll your eyes. … If anyone knows how to comport himself in a courtroom, it should be you.”

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