“The First Amendment Is No Defense for Trump’s Alleged Crimes”

Alan Rozenshtein in The Atlantic:

“Some have criticized the indictment for taking a position on the predicate to all of Trump’s actions—whether the 2020 election was stolen—and concluding that Trump in fact lost, fair and square. But far from constituting an Orwellian attempt to set up “the federal government as the arbiter of truth,” this willingness to recognize reality is exactly what we should expect from our government, both in criminal trials and as a general matter. And despite what peddlers of “alternative facts” would have us believe, Trump really either did or, as the government will argue, didn’t have a good-faith belief in his lies and his campaign to overturn the results. If we’re too scared to let the government make its case—in open court and beyond a reasonable doubt—then there’s little point to having criminal laws at all.”

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