“Alabama legislature adopts new congressional map that could defy court order”


The Republican-led legislature in Alabama approved a new congressional map on Friday that increases the percentage of Black voters in two of the state’s congressional districts. But a legal challenge to the map is already in the works, with Democrats saying the change is not enough to comply with a federal court order.

The new congressional map apportions the state’s 7th Congressional District to include a 50.65 percent Black population and draws its 2nd District to an area that has a 40 percent Black population. The Alabama Senate voted 24-6 to pass the new plan, and the House passed the map 75-28.

Gov. Kay Ivey (R) approved the map Friday evening ….

AL.com reports: “The three-judge federal court has tentatively scheduled a hearing to start Aug. 14 to hear challenges to the plan.”

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