“Florida’s elections laws pose challenge for voter registration groups”

Tampa Bay Times:

Florida made it tougher to vote and engage in civic activities following baseless allegations from former President Donald Trump that his re-election in 2020 was stolen from him. In May, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill (SB 7050) to increase fines for violations by voter registration organizations, reduce the time to submit voter registration forms from 14 to 10 days, and bar non-citizens from handling voter registration applications.

The bill prevents groups from retaining personal information about people who sign up to vote and requires them to provide receipts to individuals who register. Third party voter registration groups and nonprofits such as as the League of Women Voters of Florida and the Florida chapter of the NAACP filed two federal lawsuits against the state regarding certain parts of the bill. Last week, a federal judge temporarily blocked DeSantis’ administration from enforcing parts of the legislation.

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