“A No Labels candidate would likely throw the election to Trump”

Al From and Craig Fuller in a Washington Post column present a forceful (and bipartisan) argument against a third-party effort: “To save the American republic, former president Donald Trump must be defeated. And that’s why the centrist political organization No Labels must cease and desist from its effort to nominate a third-party candidate.”

Some numbers to bolster their case: “In the five states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — most likely to decide the 2024 election in the electoral college, … Biden’s razor-thin margins came from a massive anti-Trump vote. In all of them, at least 1 in 3 Biden voters said they voted mainly against Trump; in Wisconsin, that number was 38 percent; in Arizona (where No Labels has already secured a spot on the 2024 ballot) a whopping 45 percent. Even a small drop-off from his 2020 anti-Trump vote would put President Biden in a precarious position in 2024.”

There’s more along the same lines. The whole piece is worth reading.

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