“A Democracy Crisis in the Making”

This joint report from Protect Democracy, States United Democracy Center, and Law Forward tracks bills across the country that increase the risk of election subversion:

As we demonstrate in this edition of the Report, the danger of a democracy crisis has not passed. In only the first few months of the 2023 state legislative year, from January 1 through May 3, we have identified 185 bills in 38 states that would increase the risk of election subversion — a pace roughly on par with that of the previous two years. This count includes bills in each of the five categories of election-subversion legislation that we outlined in previous editions of this Report. The bills we have identified in early 2023 illustrate that the election-subversion threat is evolving as legislators develop new ways to interfere with election administration and double down and expand on previous trends. Many of these bills are designed to inject confusion and delays into the election process, which increases the likelihood of attempted subversion and can give rise to disinformation, further eroding public trust and confidence in election results.

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