“How Much Influence Did Trump Attorney Have on NC Elections Bill?”

This report looks at how North Carolina’s proposed set of voting restrictions matches the measures pushed by Cleta Mitchell:

WRAL obtained documents purported to have been produced by the group’s North Carolina chapter, called NCEIT, showing its legislative priorities, internal presentations and more. They show the group’s two top legislative priorities for this session include changes to the rules for voter registration and identification, as well as to the rules for mail-in voting. The legislative agenda also specifically says the group “is drafting legislation” for lawmakers’ consideration — although Mitchell herself has since told WRAL that she did not draft any part of the new elections bill filed this week.

A substantial portion of the group’s agenda is in this new bill, but not everything.

Four of the eight changes the group wanted to the rules for voter ID and voter registration don’t appear in the bill at all.

On mail-in voting, it’s a different story: NCEIT wanted nine changes and the bill includes seven of them. And an eighth is already law, although perhaps not as strict as the group had wanted.

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