“How the Far Right Tore Apart One of the Best Tools to Fight Voter Fraud”

NPR on the exodus of red states from ERIC.

And a deeper look at the red-state exodus that followed — eight states and counting have now pulled out of ERIC — shows a policy blueprint for an election denial movement, spearheaded by a key Trump ally, eager to change virtually every aspect of how Americans vote. . . .

NPR analyzed hundreds of thousands of posts on five alternative social media sites frequented by the far right — Gettr, Gab, Parler, Telegram and Trump’s Truth Social — over the past two years, and found that conversation about ERIC really only began after the first Gateway Pundit article published.

The Gateway Pundit’s initial article drew extensively on the writing and interviews of Adams, the conservative voting attorney.

In late 2021, Adams appeared on a conservative radio program and called ERIC “diabolical.” . . .

On a voting podcast called “Who’s Counting,” ERIC has become a frequent villain.

“ERIC is a very insidious organization,” said the host, Cleta Mitchell, in one episode from last summer.

Mitchell is an influential Republican election attorney who was at the center of Trump’s failed attempts to overturn the 2020 election. She was on the infamous phone call in early 2021 when Trump asked Georgia election officials to “find” votes.

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