MIT Election Lab Releases Report on 2022 Elections

Charles Stewart summarizes some of the main findings at ElectionLine. The full report is here.

  • The percentage of voters who cast their ballot by mail dropped more than 10 points from 2020, to 32%.
  • 40% of mail voters reported using online ballot tracking.
  • Average wait times to vote were about equal to the last midterm election for Election Day voters, and declined for early voters.
  • Only 10% of Election Day voters and 9% of early voters reported seeing something disruptive when they voted; they most commonly reported voters talking loudly or in dispute with an election worker or other voter. Slightly less than 5% of voters who returned their ballot to a drop box reported seeing something disruptive when dropping off their ballot.
  • Voter confidence overall remained similar to past years. The partisan gap in confidence that opened up in 2020 closed somewhat in 2022, with Republicans becoming more confident.
  • When asked about election security, respondents said that the measures that would give them the greatest assurance were logic-and-accuracy testing, securing paper ballots, and post-election audits. Partisan attitudes about the prevalence of vote fraud remained polarized in 2022, although less so than in 2020.
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