“Ohio GOP passes amendment to make ballot initiatives harder, but voters get to weigh in first”

Daily Kos: Following the playbook of several other Republican legislatures, the Ohio legislature is seeking to make the initiative process harder for voters. This is, in my view, the most pernicious iteration of the on-going anti-democratic entrenchment playbook. It is targeted against efforts to address redistricting as well as efforts to secure reproductive rights, including access to abortion. And to make matters worse it has been schedule for an expected low-turnout special election! This move backfired in Kansas in 2022. We can only hope for democracy that it does the same in Ohio.

The constitutional amendment, which needs only a majority to pass, will require a “60% supermajority to pass any future [constitutional] amendments.” It will also make it more difficult to get a measure on the ballot by requiring support in all 88 counties.

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