About that draft 2020 executive order to seize voting machines

Spotted heading into the special counsel’s grand jury on April 4: Ken Cuccinelli — named in November 2019 as the official acting as the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, though both GAO and several courts determined that the appointment was invalid. 

CNN reports that Cuccinelli (and others) previously testified to the grand jury that they told Trump he had no authority to seize voting machines after the 2020 election, contrary to a draft executive order circulating in December 2020.  (The order isn’t formatted as other executive orders are, even in draft, and it is not clear how far the draft made it in the process.)  CNN also reports that Cuccinelli (and others with information on Trump’s interest in the executive order) may return to the grand jury to provide additional details, after the federal courts rejected executive privilege claims.

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