“Survey of Voter Beliefs about Election Integrity Post-Election 2022”


In 2021, The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) partnered with Echelon Insights to better understand voter confidence and perceptions of election integrity in the wake of the widespread election denial that followed the 2020 election. That survey revealed that Republican voters lacked trust in elections much more than other voters. In December 2022, CEIR once again partnered with Echelon Insights on a survey (N=2,262) to assess voters’ beliefs about election integrity, with a focus on Republicans (GOP). We summarize the survey’s key findings below.

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Key Findings

  • Confidence in the administration of the 2022 election overall is higher than in the 2020 election, with a marked improvement among GOP voters. Still, perceptions of the 2020 election among GOP voters remain negative, and their confidence in election administration in 2022 lags behind that of other voters.
  • Overall, GOP voters continue to report high rates of mistaken beliefs about the administration of elections, including the prevalence of fraud and miscounted votes, especially in states other than their own.
  • Voters identified several policies, including voter ID verification and transparent vote counting, as mechanisms that would increase their trust in elections. Importantly, most of these respondents reside in states that already have these policies in place, suggesting that the issue might be one of awareness and possibly reflecting a greater need for investment in voter education over new legislation or policy changes.
  • In multiple instances, views among GOP voters who did not vote for Trump in 2020 are more closely aligned with independents and Democrats than with other members of their party.

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