“Arizona: ‘Assessing our options’: Hamadeh calls for hand count, explores legal avenues in AG race”

Arizona Republic:

Republican candidate for attorney general Abe Hamadeh and his attorneys are continuing to question results and exploring legal options after a statewide recount showed a significant vote gain in his favor.

With almost 2.51 million votes cast in the statewide race for attorney general, Hamadeh lost by 280 votes, according to the recount results announced Thursday in a hearing in Maricopa County Superior Court.

The race went immediately to an automatic recount because the vote differential between the candidate was less than half a percentage point. Before the recount, Mayes led by 511 votes.

Hamadeh, on Twitter, called for a hand count of all the the ballots.

“We MUST get to the bottom of this election. Transparent elections are fundamental to a democracy. A discrepancy this big in the recount calls for an inspection of ALL the ballots.”

In another post, Hamadeh said, “Katie Hobbs and SOS Office abused our courts and made a mockery of the justice system. They knew the results of the recount was going to show a LARGE discrepancy due to tabulation errors and fought against our election contest knowing this. They deceived the courts.”

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