“Ducey wants a new law passed to lead to faster election results”

A sensible proposal in Arizona, to address a recent development in how some voters are casting their ballots:

Ducey said people who want to drop off their early ballots at polling places on Election Day should be able to have them opened and counted there along with those who actually vote that day. Now, counties send those “late early ballots” unopened to a central location where the signatures on the envelopes must be compared to those already on file.

Only after that happens are the envelopes opened and the votes tallied. That process, which can take days, occurs only after all other ballots are counted.

It’s a proposal that addresses the kind of concern raised by Nate Persily and Charles Stewart in the Wall Street Journal last month: “A mantra of election administrators is that “accurate is better than fast,” which is absolutely true. Still, quick counting of ballots is an international standard for well-run elections, and states with equally complex electoral systems are able to count ballots more quickly and just as accurately as the slowest states. In an era of suspicion among the losers about whether vote counts are on the up-and-up, speed must become a priority, without the loss of accuracy.”

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