“Manchin and Klobuchar: Omnibus likely place for electoral count overhaul”

Roll Call:

Legislation to overhaul how Congress counts presidential electoral votes should hop on the must-pass spending omnibus on its way out of the Senate, Sens. Joe Manchin III and Amy Klobuchar said Wednesday.

Speaking at a National Council on Election Integrity event, Manchin said the Electoral Count Reform Act was “ready.”

“I would think the omnibus bill is the appropriate place to put it,” the West Virginia Democrat said.

Speaking later, Klobuchar, who chairs the Senate Rules Committee, said the National Defense Authorization Act was another option, but “the omnibus is ​​looking more and more promising.”

“That’s coming out of the meeting at the White House,” the Minnesota Democrat added. She said Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer is “hopeful.”

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