“Here are all of the challenges to Arizona’s 2022 election so far”

Arizona Republic:

Arizona is scheduled to canvass its 2022 election results Dec. 5, but a host of challenges are standing in the way.

Some losing GOP candidates have refused to concede their races and hope to find reprieve in the courts or through the legal certification procedures.

Kari Lake, Mark Finchem and Abe Hamadeh, who lost races for governor, secretary of state and attorney general, respectively, are questioning the election results and stoking supporters to protest in various ways.

Some of the actions appear to feed off one another. For example, a GOP official on Wednesday refused to sign off on an examination of voting equipment moments after Hamadeh filed a lawsuit challenging election results.

Finchem has been promoting the idea that the state will have to conduct a new election because some counties have not yet certified their elections, although they have until Nov. 28 to do so….

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