Pennsylvania Update

Philadelphia 3.0 ended the week with an election round-up.

First, it notes, that youth voters seem to have tipped the election toward Fetterman: “According to data from CIRCLE at Tufts University, voters under 29 netted John Fetterman 120,000 votes of his 185,000-vote total.”

Second , it lays out in great detail the parliamentary details that explain why control of the Pennsylvania State House won’t be clear until long after the final districts are called:

“If the 142nd goes to Hogan, Democrats will have won 102 seats to 101 seats for the Republicans, but the chamber would still be split 101-101 in that scenario because the late Rep. Tom DeLuca passed away between the primary and the general election. One important wrinkle in this situation is the open question of whether the General Assembly leadership must be elected by 102 votes, or just a simple majority of those present and voting.”

There is also the added complication:

“It remains unclear how this will get resolved in the short term, since in January, state Reps. Austin Davis and Summer Lee will resign from their seats to take their new positions as Lt. Governor and member of Congress, respectively. Rep. Austin Davis is not required to resign until January 17th. Those two resignations will temporarily reduce the Democrats’ margin to 99-101 for some duration until special elections are conducted to fill the three open seats from the late Rep. DeLuca, along with Davis, and Lee.”

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