Breaking: Federal District Court Issues Order Against Voter Intimidation in Second Case Involving Intimidation of Voters at Arizona Drop Boxes

Earlier I had written this piece for NBC News Think arguing that the district court judge should have issued an injunction to stop intimidation of voters who seek to use ballot drop boxes in places in Arizona. That case is currently on emergency appeal to the Ninth Circuit. The district court found the order sought by plaintiffs to be in conflict with the First Amendment.

In a second case, the League of Women Voters case, the plaintiffs asked for somewhat narrower relief, as Derek explained.

And tonight, the same district court judge that denied a temporary restraining order in the first place ordered a TRO in the second case. It also requires certain speech by the defendants on Truth Social, in a part of the TRO that was agreed to on both sides.

Glad to see this order tonight. The district court judge made the right call.

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