“Republicans want the Pa. Supreme Court to stop undated mail ballots from being counted”

Philadelphia Inquirer:

Republicans are taking the fight over undated Pennsylvania mail ballots straight to the state’s high court, and they’re not waiting until Election Day to do it.

A coalition of GOP groups, including the Republican National Committee and the state party, filed a lawsuit late Sunday night asking the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to block undated mail ballots from being counted.

State law requires voters to handwrite a date on the outer envelope when returning mail ballots. But the question of whether they can be counted without a date or must be thrown out has been a persistent source of political and legal conflict since the 2020 election. A series of challenges in state and federal courts have led to a murky legal landscape in which Democrats say undated ballots must be counted — and Republicans say they must be rejected.

The new lawsuit, if the state’s high court chooses to hear it, could provide clarity as Pennsylvania heads into a high-profile election that includes races for U.S. Senate, governor, and more.

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