“EXCLUSIVE: Recall Gascon Committee Knowingly Turned in Invalid Petition Signatures, Misled Donors and Volunteers”


What happened?

For once, despite the rhetoric being hurled, it’s not Logan’s fault. The bottom line, according to witnesses, whistle-blowers, and documents reviewed by RedState:

The Recall George Gascón effort failed because the committee’s purse strings were controlled by political consultants who were being paid by the campaign, and who contracted with vendors on the basis of cronyism or financial gain instead of competency. Despite the vast sums of money raised and spent, the quality of the signatures submitted to LA County was “embarrassingly incompetent,” in the words of one former professional who viewed some of the materials provided to RedState.

Even worse, a whistle-blower speaking to RedState on condition of anonymity provided information seeming to demonstrate that the woman widely acknowledged as controlling the campaign committee, Cassandra Vandenberg:

knew for more than a month that the committee’s progress was woefully inadequate,

knew that signatures from out-of-county people and non-voters were being counted by the committee as verified signatures and even instructed campaign workers to leave them on the petitions “because we need the numbers,” and

instructed campaign workers, in front of multiple Deputy District Attorneys, to forge the signatures of circulators in the attestation portion of the petition forms that are signed under penalty of perjury.

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