“Texas county’s entire election staff steps down, citing death threats and stalking”

San Antonio Express-News:

The elections administrator in Gillespie County, which includes Fredericksburg, is stepping down Tuesday over death threats, stalking and understaffing that followed the 2020 election, according to the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post.

“I’m understaffed and underpaid and I’ve been asking for help for a while, and at some point, you just have to take care of yourself,” Anissa Herrera told the Standard-Radio Post.

But Herrera is not the only person to step down from the county’s elections department. Gillespie County Judge Mark Stroeher told the Standard-Radio Post that the entire staff resigned for similar reasons, leaving the county in a dire situation for the upcoming November election.

He said that the county has “some people who are pretty fanatical and radical about things” and drove out Herrera and the staff. Stroeher said that the job became more difficult than it probably should be “because of some individuals who are continuing to question how they are doing things,” according to the Standard-Radio Post.

“Elections are getting so nasty and it’s getting dangerous,” Stroeher said to the Standard-Radio Post.

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