“Wisconsin primary election 2022 coverage: Vos calls Gableman ‘an embarrassment’, democratic socialist elected in Milwaukee suburb”

Journal Sentinel:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who narrowly won a primary Tuesday night, called Michael Gableman, the man he hired to investigate the 2020 presidential election, “an embarrassment.”

Despite Vos hiring Gableman well over a year ago and paying him over $11,000 a month, the former Wisconsin Supreme Court judge endorsed Vos’ primary challenger Adam Steen in the District 63 assembly race just as former President Donald Trump did. 

Gableman turned on Vos and backed Steen and not Vos, who said he wouldn’t decertify the results of the 2020 election.

Vos said Tuesday that the Republican-led assembly will meet soon to decide whether Gableman will continue with the investigation. 

Vos has continued to renew Gableman’s contract even though the review has not revealed any evidence of significant fraud or new facts related to the election not previously known. 

The probe has surpassed $1 million in costs. 

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