Voting Rights Lab Report, “The State of Election Law: 2022 Mid-Year Review”

Available here. From the summary:

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an onslaught of election-related legislation pulling the nation in two directions. On the one hand, many states have taken steps to erode participation in our democracy, creating hurdles to casting a ballot and interfering with fair and transparent election administration. Meanwhile, other states have made tremendous progress in expanding participation in our democracy, giving voters more options to make their voices heard and strengthening our election infrastructure.

2022 is no different. States remain divided on issues like mail voting, with many states limiting what was a widely popular vote method during the global pandemic. Conversely, when it comes to policies like early voting and rights restoration for those with past convictions, we’ve seen extraordinary strides made to improve voter access. 

The Voting Rights Lab’s latest report – “The State of State Election Law: 2022 Mid-Year Review” – assesses the current landscape of state election laws and changes to voter access across all 50 states, revealing an expected election-year dip in voting access bills, but an alarming increase in bills that interfere with election administration. 

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