Ballot Paper Shortage

The Bipartisan Policy Center will be releasing a report, Preparing for Ballot Paper Shortages in 2022 and 2024, that lays out recommendations to improve the supply and storage of ballot materials and contingency planning for last minute changes and delayed materials. On Monday at 12PM ET, it will be co-hosting a panel discussion with POLITICO about the nature of the problem, how election officials are preparing, and how state legislatures should support those efforts.

Participants include:
Moderator: Zach Montellaro, state politics reporter at POLITICO
Panelist: Amanda Grandjean, Director of Elections and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose
Panelist: Karen Brinson Bell, Executive Director of the North Carolina Board of Elections
Panelist: Matthew Weil, director of BPC’s Elections Project

Update: The paper is now available at this link (–rh).

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