Attitudes to Close Republican Primaries Display Racial Undertones of Election Fraud Hysteria

This article on Republican voters’ sanguine attitude to close primary elections, exposes once-again the racial undertones of the (false) election fraud narrative.

“Mr. Brooks offered a simple answer to why he’s not worried about his race: ‘Theres no fraud in Republican primaries, he said. ‘I’m in a Republican primary, and noncitizens don’t normally vote in Republican primaries,’ Mr. Brooks said.”

. . . . Part of the reason Republican candidates are accepting primary results without talking about fraud is they don’t have Democrats to blame, said Trey Grayson, the former Republican secretary of state in Kentucky.”

Wow! It is hard not to think that what they both really want to say is they don’t have black (or brown) people in the party. More evidence, that for many Republicans, the Democratic Party codes as black and thus untrustworthy.

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