Arizona: “Gov. Ducey vetoes ‘vague’ voter cancellation bill”

Gov. Doug Ducey has vetoed legislation which would have required county election officials to cancel the registration of anyone they determine is not qualified to vote.

The move Friday, the first of the governor this session, came amid concerns from county officials that what was in HB 2617 could lead to mischief as it would allow individuals to make unsubstantiated claims that some people on the voter registration rolls should be removed. Jennifer Marson, executive director of the Arizona Association of Counties, said that, in turn, would trigger automatic investigations.

Marson, in a letter Friday to Ducey, also pointed out what she said were illegal provisions in the measure.

The governor, in his veto message, said he agrees.

“The implementation of this provision is vague and lacks any guidance for how a county recorder would confirm such a determination,” Ducey wrote.

“Our lawfully registered voters deserve to know that their right to vote will not be disturbed without sufficient due process,” he continued. “This provision leaves our election system vulnerable to bad actors who could seek to falsely allege a voter is not a qualified elector.”

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