“The Future of the Two-Party System?: Lessons from the North Carolina Senate Race”

Election Law at Ohio State is pleased to host this webinar. Here’s the description:

In our current highly polarized political environment, the system of party primaries in most states risks eliminating consensus candidates from the general election. These consensus candidates may in fact have broad support among the electorate, yet can be shut out of the process as it is now. General elections often pit two candidates – one from each end of our cleaving political spectrum – against one another with the result that the vast middle feels deserted.
Is the current North Carolina U.S. Senate race, both the just-concluded primary and the general election to follow, a further sign of a national problem? Would other types of electoral systems, for instance some form of Ranked Choice Voting, make a difference? Our panel of experts will dive into these questions and more.

Panelists include Guy-Uriel Charles, Sunshine Hillygus, and Dawn Vaughan, as well as Steve Huefner and me from OSU, with links to biographical info on the registration page. Should be a great conversation!

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