“Inside Mark Meadows’s final push to keep Trump in power”


A review of Meadows’s actions in that periodby The Washington Post — based on interviews, depositions, text messages, emails, congressional documents, recently published memoirs by key players and other material — showshowMeadows played a pivotal role in advancing Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. In doing so, Meadows “repeatedly violated” legal guidance against trying to influence the Justice Department, according to a majority staff report of theSenate Judiciary Committee.

Meadows grantedthose peddling theories about a stolen election direct access to the Oval Office andpersonally connected some with the president, according to congressional reports and interviews with former White House officials. He pressedthe Justice Department to investigate spurious and debunked claims, including a bizarre theory that an Italian operation changed votes in the United States — an allegation a top Justice official called “pure insanity,” according to email correspondence released by congressional investigators. He also pushed the Justice Department, unsuccessfully, to try to invalidate the election results in six states through federal court action.

Now Meadows’s actions are at the center of probes by both the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack and the Justice Department, which is examining whether to press contempt-of-Congress charges against him and is conducting its own inquiry into the events surrounding the insurrection. North Carolina officials, meanwhile, are looking into whether Meadows himself potentiallycommitted voter fraud by registering to vote in 2020 at a mobile home he reportedly never stayed in.

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